Bohri Murgh Masala Biryani

To an average person, the everyday meals of the Bohra community come across as nothing short of a gastronomic wonder. Cooked the dum way with charcoals over a slow-fire, the marinated spring chicken in our Bohri Murgh Masala Biryani is smoked, then layered with half-boiled rice and slow-steamed in a sealed pot for two hours to trap all the aromas. The seamless marriage of flavours including that of dry plums, apricot, baby potatoes added during the cooking process yields a moist biryani. What makes it comparatively less spicy is that instead of red chilies and grounded garam masala, it has green chilies for the heat and whole garam masala for the aroma. Order the most delicious Bohri murgh masala biryani online near you in Delhi NCR and get home delivery.

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