• Serves Serves : 7-8
  • Preparation Time Preparation Time : 24 hrs
  • Cooking Time Cooking Time : 3-4 hrs

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This story of Sikandari Raan dates back to around 300 BC, when Alexander the Great (also known as Sikander) defeated King Porus of Takshila, and when the latter was asked how he wished to be treated, he answered, “Like a King!” Impressed by his attitude, Alexander not only released him immediately, but also befriended him. The barbequed whole leg of lamb was the highlight of the battlefield banquet held to celebrate their new legendary friendship. Now, a signature dish at Biryani Central, Sikandari Raan, a literal translation of “Alexander’s Lamb” is an ode to that remarkable story. This lamb dish is cooked with the toughest cut of the lamb - the hind leg, which is typically used for keema, to deliver subtle flavours and juicy succulence. The secret to cooking Raan also lies in taking the toughest meat of the lamb and making it so tender and succulent ”that you are able to eat it with a spoon”.


Lamb Boneless - 4 pcs

Onions - 100 gm

Poppy seeds - 15 gm

Cashew nut - 25 gm

Kashmiri Chilli Powder - 25 gm

Roast channa powder- 100 gm

Rose petals- 10 gm

Raw papaya- 200 gm


Remove it from skewers, sprinkle chaat masala, butter and lemon juice. And, serve it with warqi parantha or naan.


  1. Clean and trim the fat from the lamb leg.
  2. Gently loosen the meat from the bone at the top of the leg to season well.
  3. In a big pan add mustard oil. It should be lukewarm.
  4. Add red chilli paste, turmeric powder, black salt, rock salt, malt vinegar, ginger paste, garlic paste, cumin and cinnamon powder, clove powder.
  5. Rub the lamb leg with above marination and let it rest for 24 hours.
  6. Take an oven tray to add oil, black cumin seeds, bay leaves and lamb leg.
  7. Take the remaining marination to add yoghurt in it and beat it well.
  8. Pour the mixture on lamb leg, cover it with aluminium foil.
  9. Put it in the oven and bake for 2 hours at 180 c and let it cook.
  10. When meat is properly cooked remove it on chopping board and separate meat from bone put it on tandoor skewers.
  11. Strain the remaining marination in a bowl add butter in it mix it well and apply on meat.
  12. Cook it in tandoor and let it smoke well.
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