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  1. Sikandari Raan

    Sikandari Raan

    A signature dish at Biryani Central, Sikandari Raan, literally translates to “Alexander’s Lamb" is a remnant of royalty and delivers subtle flavours and juicy succulence. See More
  2. Murgh Seekh Kebab

    Murgh Seekh Kebab

    Exquisitely tender, delicious, and full of sharp flavours, this irresistible appetizer is a blend of ground minced chicken and signature spices skewered in a clay oven. See More
  3. Kadhai Paneer

    Kadhai Paneer

    A highly popular dish, it gets its name from the traditional iron wok,'Kadhai' in which its cooked. A concoction of rich onion & tomato cooked into a creamy gravy. See More
  4. Dal Bukhari

    Dal Bukhari

    A black lentil speciality of Awadh, it was conceived to melt in your mouth. This dish is made by slow cooking urad dal into a creamy concoction with tomato purée, butter & cream. See More
  5. Galouti Kebab

    Galouti Kebab

    "Galouti" means so tender it melts in your mouth, describing the delicateness of the lamb marinated in papaya and royal spices. See More

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