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Mirchi Baigan ka Salan

A dish originally from Hyderabad, but relished all over the country, our Mirch Ka Salan never fails to impress. A tangy, spicy, and zingful aubergine recipe, the unique combination of spices makes this curry delectable and irresistible. “Salan” means curry in Urdu and Mirchi refers to chilies. It is cooked in a flavourful masala made with ground peanuts, sesame seeds, and powdered spices and tamarind pulp. The secret to cooking this recipe is that the spices paste is cooked first with some tamarind pulp and then simmered with lightly fried green chilies, with the result being a lightly spiced, creamy, and slightly tangy curry. This recipe of salan is the perfect accompaniment for any biryani. Order the best Mirchi Baigan Ka Salan in Delhi-NCR and get home delivery.

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