The Many Ways to Reuse our Biryani Handi

Our clay handis are key to our biryanis tasting great and being healthy. We worked with experts and skilled craftsmen to design them to be aesthetically beautiful, non-toxic, 100% eco-friendly, recyclable and easily reusable.

With their utility and pleasing design, we know you might want to keep them safely on your kitchen shelf and use them only when you want to slow cook a dish, but did you know there are several other interesting ways that a handi can be reused? Here are just a few:

1. For planting microgreens or plants- If you have a green thumb and are always looking for that next plant to pot, our handi with its shallow base and wide mouth can easily accommodate soil and a lot of saplings. With its aesthetic design and the handi is going to adorn your garden/balcony/terrace.

2. Using it as a décor item- If you are good at painting, then the handi can be painted with different motifs or designs in different colours and it can grace your living room. Bonus- all the compliments you will amass for your art.

3. Using it as a cash box - Our biryanis are delivered in a handi with a well-fitting lid, so it can be used either as a piggy bank or simply to store coins when there is need of change.

4. Using it as jewellery storage - You have gathered enough trinkets and ornaments and now you’d need something more to store all those treasures - enter the handi and you are sorted. The lid helps keeps them covered and safe.

5. Using it to set curd - Most of us love curd but many of us still like to set it in earthenware. So, go ahead, and use our non-toxic handi to set the creamiest curd that you and your family would enjoy.

These are a few ways that we summed up for you to reuse your handis, and we welcome more ideas from you. Visit our Instagram page and DM us your ideas there and we’ll highlight some of them on our page.

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