The ever enticing, cool and beneficial Thandai

The perfect summer drink DOES exist. Take the richness of a chilled milk and adorn it with nuts, fennel, cardamom and saffron and you get the amazing Thandai. Cool, tasty, and chockfull of nutrients. What’s not to like?

The history of Thandai goes back a long way. Thandai was first used in India around 1000 B.C. and is now an integral part of Holi celebrations and, of course, the quintessential summer drink during the hot Indian summers. At Holi, it is the refreshment of choice after a long day of playing with colors and pichakris. For the adults it sometimes has a little extra something (!) added to it to make the festival even more festive.

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This creamy concoction of a drink is made with several dry fruits, milk, and essence, and is a staple drink in Banaras. However, it is also a favourite in many other parts of India in its avatar as a popular and refreshing summer drink in the country. This drink not only entices but also cools and provides an instant jolt of energy during the hot summer days (step aside Red Bull!).

In addition to being the perfect summer cooler, the Thandai also has many health benefits:

Improves digestion: The spices added in the drink have digestive benefits.

Boosts Immunity: The spices added in the drink also help strengthen immunity and may help keeping irritating colds and coughs at bay.

Natural detoxifier: Cardamom in the drink detoxifies the body and is considered especially good as an antidote to nausea and vomiting.

Boosts energy: The use of nuts in the drink promotes a feeling of fullness and eliminates the lethargy experienced during the summers.

So, if you’re in the mood for the perfect summer drink, we’ve got your back. Order the best Thandai near you and we’ll deliver it freshly made and absolutely chilled right to your doorstep.

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