Seasonal Veggies: The Monsoon List

The monsoons are much more than a season. They are a time for musings, poetry and introspection, a time to bond, laugh and enjoy conversations over a hot cup of chai. The rainy season gives us respite from the sweltering heat and the comforting breezy mornings and the smell of earth come as a bonus. And it is the season when Mother Earth offers generously from her bounty, as we witness the booming flora and fauna. And not to mention, the monsoon also brings a bounty of the choicest vegetables .

Experts recommend consuming seasonal vegetables in their season to enjoy their freshness and to gain from their nutritional value. Here are some benefits of eating seasonal vegetables:

They are grown in the season under appropriate conditions, so are apt for eating.

They retain their natural colour and flavour.

They are packed with the right nutrients essential for us, for the season.

Tinda (Indian Squash):

It is a very healthy vegetable to opt for, and has many variants to its credit. Rich in fibre, it only makes for mouth-watering curries like Tinda Masala and more.


Both potato and sweet potato are found in abundance during the monsoons. They have a longer shelf life. Whether you want to enjoy them as Dum Aloo or piping hot Aloo Chops, tubers are the vegetables for you.

Parwal (Pointed Gourd):

Rich in Vitamin A and C, Parwal can really dish out the best when it rains. Bharwa Parwal or simply Parwal Ki Sabzi can be your comfort curry.

Lauki (Bottle Gourd):

Rich in dietary fibre, Vitamin A and C, lauki is also light on the stomach, and make for great dishes like Lauki Chana Dal, Lauki Kofta, or even delicious desserts like Lauki Ki Kheer or Lauki Ka Halwa.

Karela (Bitter Gourd):

Packed with Vitamin C, karela can be churned into famous dishes like Bharwan Karela or Masala Karela.

Kantola (Teasal Gourd):

With nutrients like protein, iron and fibre, this deep green vegetable is as nutritious as it is enticing. It can be made in Kantola Curry or simply enjoyed as a snack, known as Kantola Fritters.

Kundru (Ivy Gourd):

A good source of vitamins and minerals, Kundru can be best enjoyed as dishes like Kundru Ki Sabzi or Stuffed Kundrus.

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