Kakori Kebab & Sheermal For The Soul

Kakori Kebab & Sheermal

The Kakori Story

If history has taught us anything about royalty, it is that Kings and Queens tend to be a tad bit vain. And while that vanity usually does not bode well for anyone other than the Royals, occasionally something good inadvertently came out of that narcissism. One such delicious and good thing that came out is the absolutely delectable Kakori Kebab.

Kakori is a place in the outskirts of Lucknow district, and legend has it that its erstwhile ruler, the Nawab Syed Mohammad Haider Kazmi of Kakori had arranged a party for one of his British accomplices and looking to impress had served his guests his best Awadhi cuisine. Much to his dismay, a guest made a negative remark about the chewy texture of the seekh kebabs that had been served. His ego hurt, the Nawab ordered his cooks (no cooks were hurt in the making of this story!) to come up with a better, softer version, and that’s what led to the now popular and amazing Kakori Kebabs. The cooks used mangoes to tenderise the meat, resulting in kebabs that had a very fine, soft and smooth texture. An entirely new blend of spices provided the kebabs with their distinct flavour. The Kakori Kebab then after, became extremely popular in the entire region of Awadh.

Sheermal’s Journey

The Sheermal does not have anywhere as close to as enticing a history as the Kakori Kebab, but nevertheless, it is a perfect complement in real life to the Kakori. Sheermal is a flatbread believed to have originated from Persia. Derived from the Persian words “sheer” meaning milk and “malidan” meaning rub, Sheermal literally translates to “milk rubbed”. Sheermal is slightly sweet and made with leavened all-purpose flour. Introduced to the Indian subcontinent during the Parsi migrations, the recipe soon found a place in the Awadhi and Hyderbadi royal kitchens. Made in iron tandoors, this flatbread is an essential part of the royal spread along with kebabs, meat dishes, dal, breads and desserts. Its versatility allows for it to be served with aromatic curries as a main course, as an accompaniment with a kebab, as a dessert with fresh cream or even as a simple snack with a cup of tea or coffee.

A Divine Combination

At Biryani Central, we are relentless in our pursuit of bringing authentic, time-honoured and traditional Awadhi dishes to your table. Both the Kakori Kebab and Sheermal are exemplary dishes that have journeyed well over time and found an important place in our kitchens.

We prepare our Kakori Kebabs using mangoes to tenderise the meat and then infuse the kebabs with a carefully selected blend of eclectic spices, to present you an authentic, delicate and delicious kebabs.

Our Sheermal is flavoured with saffron, cardamom and enriched with desi ghee making it an absolute delight.

And together they make for the most soul-satisfying meal!

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