Hyderabadi Biryani: Our best-selling signature item for a reason

It has almost become an instinct to associate Hyderabad and biryani together. The history of Hyderabadi Biryani traces back to the royal kitchens of the Nawabs of Hyderabad. It is known to be a mix of Mughlai and Iranian cuisine, cooked in ‘Kachhi’ method, which is a unique method of cooking the raw marinated mutton and the rice with yoghurt, papaya and lemon juices. The addition of fried onions, mint and coriander leaves provide that royal flavour fit for kings.

What’s so special about Hyderabadi Biryani though? The subtlety of taste, flamboyance of style and the richness of spices make it stand out. The method of cooking it involves adding potli masala (a unique blend of a host of masalas), layering of basmati rice and ingredients, and lastly finishing it with dum, covering the lid with dough so that it is cooked by the steam.

Besides this unique method of preparation, Hyderabadi Biryani comes in a few different varieties, each with a unique preparation method, taste and flavour. Here are some of the more popular varieties:

Hyderabadi Kathal Biryani

Baby jackfruit (kathal) is embellished in spiked yoghurt and cooked together with fragrant basmati that is aromatised with attar and perfume. The hyderabadi kathal biryani is finally finished on dum.

Hyderabadi Kacche Gosht ki Biryani

This biryani gets its name from a special cooking technique called kacchi (raw), where the hyderabadi kacche gosht ki biryani preparation involves prime cuts of lamb that are marinated overnight with a special variety of chilies, raw papaya and biryani blend. The biryani is finished on dum.

Hyderabadi Murgh Biryani

It is a delicious medley of fine long grain rice, spices and chicken pieces. For this recipe particularly, succulent chicken is marinated overnight in yoghurt, fresh green mint and biryani blend with basmati rice. The hyderabadi chicken biryani is finally finished on dum.

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