Gajar ka Halwa: The delightfully delicious winter treat

Come winter and we instantly crave all things warm and decadent. There are a wide range of winter delicacies available in India. We, however, have a special soft corner for Gajar ka Halwa. Cooked in oodles of ghee and sugar, and packed with nuts and khoya, Gajar ka Halwa is the perfect winter dessert. Here are five reasons why:

Gajar Ka Halwa

1. Making Gajar ka Halwa is that most cherished of traditions in many Indian families:

A recipe passed down from your nani to your mother, or a recipe that your mother learnt to perfect through a cooking show now passed down to you. Every family has their own secret recipe for this delicious dessert – a recipe that is sure to be carried forward by the next generation.

2. It is the best cure for those gloomy winter days:

Cold, gloomy winter nights got you down? A bout of the sniffles making you miserable? Finding it hard to get going on a cold Monday morning? Nothing beats the feeling of tucking into a bowl of Gajar Ka Halwa to beat those winter blues, even if temporarily.

3. It is an easy dessert to prepare (more ways than one):

There are several hacks to making Gajar Ka Halwa. If khoya is taking too long melt, you can substitute if for condensed milk. For an even quicker method, you can make Gajar ka Halwa in a microwave rather than slow cooking it.

4. Carrots are found in abundance during the winters:

One of the most ancient of Indian vegetables, carrots exist in both the desi version today, as well as in their more orange “English” avatar. And then there are those pretty little baby carrots. You’d be spoilt for choices!

5. It is topped with loads of dry fruits:

Gajar ka Halwa is deliberately topped with dry fruits for both presentation and taste. Dry fruits also have the added benefit of helping keep the body warm and resistant to sicknesses during cold season.

Go ahead and dig into your favourite Gajar ka Halwa recipe. And if you’re too lazy to cook, we’ve got you covered. Order our absolutely delicious Gajar Ka Halwa, and we’ll deliver it to you hot and steaming.